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SKZYB and KJ2 are Karate Stylez. The infectious blend of pop, dance, hip hop, and rock is reminscent of Sly and the Family Stone, Prince, Earth Wind and Fire, and Parliament. Well, that is, if those trailblazers had all of today's modern tools at their disposal. People have tried to draw comparisons to modern acts only to decide that any parallels are really rooted in the past.

"We set out to make the ultimate pop record. One that paid homage to all the songs that make up the soundtrack of people's lives for the last 40 or 50 years." - SKZYB

Lucky to have unlimited access to one of the best studios in NC with Netwerkz Music Studio, Karate Stylez had the luxury of taking their time and tweaking the songs and the production until everything was as good as it could possibly get.

"SKZYB's mind is demented. I've told him several times he's ruining a hot beat only to find to be shocked all over again by how he pulls it off." - KJ2

"It's truly a partnership. Other than occassionally where I'd right a song alone or King James would throw me with a beat and tell me to do something with it, we were together for every second of this album's creation; from working out the timing to final mixing."


The resulting album is called INFECTED and is a pop opera concept album where the central theme is be careful of what you ask for because success and fame corrupts. In an environment where singles rule, the album is stocked full of releasable singles while simultaneously keeping the Sgt. Pepper's type concept directive alive.

It's got a funky beat and you can bug out to it!

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